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GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a test for Graduate admission. GRE is considered as an eligibility test for students seeking admissions in foreign universities, for the last 60 years.

EMCAN has been providing GRE test preparation course in Dubai since 2010, at our branches in Bur Dubai,Deira, and Al Nahda – Al Qusais. We also provide Live Online GRE Preparation Course, which is a fully trainer-assisted course. Designed to train students in relaxed test taking, EMCAN’s in-house & online GRE prep courses have sufficient practice and orientation sessions. Our coaching for GRE test is designed to help students in taking the test with confidence for GRE verbal & Quantitative sections. The unique training for GRE test will help students to handle GRE questions with various difficulty levels.

We empower our students to approach the GRE test with an added level of confidence. Our trainers have a thorough and in-depth understanding of GRE test. We assess students upon enrollment and then select GRE course material according to the student’s levels. Our GRE course materials contains specially chosen GRE test practice questions matching to each student to get their target score. Our preparation for GRE course, after analyzing a student’s performance, will offer tips to refine his/her approach to different types of GRE questions. We always keep our coaching class sizes for GRE test small to provide maximum individual attention. We also have one on one Training for GRE test.

In-person (face to face class)GRE Preparation Course

Our regular classroom GRE prep course is offered at our premises. Course duration is 50 hours in total for Verbal & Quantitative sections. Our trainers will first assess students, start with counselling session, followed by strategy and practice sessions. During the training sessions, students will get sufficient interaction with trainers to discuss their difficulties and clear their doubts. In the end students will take GRE mock exams. We have weekdays GRE classes (classes on alternate days) and Weekend classes for GRE. Course fee is AED 3150 including VAT.

Live Online GRE Preparation Course

GRE Training Course Intensive: We have weekdays & weekend online classes for GRE test preparation. Our Online GRE classes are trainer-assisted. This GRE program is a complete package with Assessment, strategies, practice and scored mock exam. Moreover, students can clear their doubts and discuss their difficulties with our trainers during the training sessions. Total course duration is 50 hour – two hour X 25 training sessions plus mock exam. course fee is $865 (AED 3150)

How our GRE students get benefitted?

All our quant & verbal GRE trainers are talented teachers, who can prepare students for GRE test knowing each student’s weakness. Trainers provide individual attention to each student and shape training plans accordingly. So, though individual learning capacity of each student may vary, in general, the progress in getting the skills for an insightful GRE test taking is always possible for our students.

Both in person (face to face) and live online prep classes for GRE will have 50 training hours as mentioned above. In addition to this, our in-person & online GRE students can enjoy the following benefits(online) in common:

 Full-length mock tests as per official interface ( up to 10 mock tests for GRE)
 Topic-wise practice materials
 Sufficient sectional practice tests
 Remedial Tests for personalized inputs on weak areas
 Personalized learning tools

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Total Score: 260 – 340| Analytical writing: 0 - 6

EMCAN GRE test prep is available as in-house (face to face) course in Dubai at Al Nahda, Deira and Bur Dubai branches. Our live online GRE course is available from anywhere.

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