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 Best GMAT Training institute. Not very expensive. Their primary course package is 50 hours and this is worth for the money we pay as you get a complete GMAT route map ready towards the end of the course. Trainers are very supportive.  
Neeraj Balram
 I am attending online SAT preparation course here. Experienced trainers. Thank you Emcan 
Sunil Kumar Krishnan
 Attending online IELTS Training course here. I am very happy with the trainer. Very effective training and individual attention. Thank you Emcan  
Asifa Abdal Khadir
 Thank you Emcan Institute Deira for your support in my PTE test. I scored 78. Excellent PTE training course. Thank you Madam. 
Reena Jose ( India)
 Thank you Emcan Institute, Al Nahda for helping me to complete my IELTS test. I am so happy that I selected Emcan Institute for IELTS Course. All the best  
Thoufeeq A ( India)
 I have done TOEFL ibt Course at Emcan Institute. TOEFL sir is very experienced. He guided me well to score 112 in test. Thank you sir and team Emcan. 
Kristina (Romania)
 I have attended IELTS Training course at Emcan Institute Deira center. Excellent trainers. I scored 7.5. I recommend this center for all. 
Binoy Mathew ( India)
 I scored 1430 in my SAT test. Thank you team Emcan Al Nahda 
Ayesha A (Pakistan)
 Emcan institute’s Arabic class is very good.I learned a lot by taking Arabic course.Thank you teacher. 
Susan (France)
 I have done two levels of Arabic speaking course at Emcan Al Barsha. Very good spoken Arabic class.Super teachers. So useful.Thanks Emcan. 
Manohar (India)
 I attended TOEFL IBT preparation at Emcan institute Al Barsha. It was a very good experience. Training method was proper and supportive. I scored 108. 
Mahmoud (Egypt)
 I was so excited about trading in forex and commodities market. When I searched online I found Emcan Educational Institute runs a course named financial market analysis. Initially I was not sure was this the course I was looking for. The trainer explained me each and everything about markets, about technical and fundamental analysis, about emotional management and a lot more. It was worth and I got a lot of information about forex markets and forex trading. Trainer is long experienced in the market and a professional teacher as well. Thank you Emcan Institute. 
Nita (India)
 I have attended business English course at Emcan Educatonal Institute. They have customized course plans. Their course has helped me in improving my English language use in my sales and marketing profession. 
Robert (India)
 I attended English beginner and intermediate course in Emcan Institute Al Barsha. They have helped me in improving my spoken English and written English. Now I am confident to use English. Good luck Emcan 
Mira (Philippines)
 It was a very good experience to attend IELTS preparation in Emcan Educational Institute Al Barsha. I scored 7.5 overall. Good trainer. 
Amina (Pakistan)
 I did IELTS academic preparation at Emcan Institute, Al Nahda – Qusais. They provided good support and trained me well. I secured my target 7. Thanks Emcan team. 
Ramesh (India)
 I have completed Arabic language training (Spoken) course at Emcan Institute, Al Barsha, Dubai. They have very effective Arabic language course. I really got a lot of support. 
Katheryn ( Italy)
 I completed my IELTS preparation course at Emcan Educational Institute, Al Barsha Branch. Experienced trainers and excellent support. I scored band 8. 
Ayisha Khan (India)
 I did my SAT test preparation at EMCAN, Dubai (Bur Dubai ). These guys are good, and supportive. They gave us tips to crack the test, and practice sessions were sufficient for me to score 1910. 
Sukesh Kumar(India)
 I have attended SAT preparation course and TOEFL iBT preparation course at Emcan Educational Institute, Al Barsha branch. Trainers provided excellent support and they followed a unique way of teaching which I found really easing my test taking task. GOD bless Emcan Institute. 
Rakesh Mohan (India)
 TOEFL PBT test preparation at EMCAN Institute, Dubai ( Al Nahda – Al Qusais ) supported me to get my target score. The trainer helped me in improving my skills gradually to reach the required level. All are good people and very friendly. I recommend this institute. 
Zulisha Sadueva (Russia)
 I have completed M S Office course at EMCAN Institute, Bur Dubai, Dubai. This course was useful and I learned many new things. They taught me all in detail. 
Romeo Jr Magbanua ( Philippines)
 I have done GRE test preparation course at Emcan Institute, Bur Dubai, Dubai. The instructors are very helpful and very flexible. They respond at all hours of the day and as soon as they can. The live practice tests are very helpful as well. The tutors give immediate feedback and attention to weak areas. All are very friendly, simple, and humble people here. 
Madeeha (pakistan)
 I am happy that I joine Emcan institute Dubai to learn Arabic for beginners . Now I can read all Arabic letters, words and I can also speak Arabic even if I am not fluent. The one and half month I spent was useful. 
S. Nagoor Meeran
 Hoping to complete my Arabic language learning levels at EMCAN, Bur Dubai. Would like to study further and complete more levels at Emcan Institute. I am willing to recommend this institute 
Darshan Diljit Shah (India)
 Spoken English Course at Emcan Bur Dubai, Dubai gave me a lot of knowledge. I was almost zero in English. After one level, I can understand more and speak more. 
Ekatrina Nazarova ( Russia)
 By doing English Course at Emcan institute Bur Dubai, Dubai. I improved my spoken English from zero to lower intermediate level. I like to continue next level here. 
Mohandas ( India)
 I have completed English Language course (from beginner level) at EMCAN INSTITUTE, Bur Dubai, Dubai . My teacher is professional, calm, and very supportive. I have improved my language skills. 
Cristiano (Italy)
 I was confused about joining for Secretarial training course at EMCAN Institute in the beginning. After a couple of sessions I understood that I made a right decision. The trainers are good and know how to give you enough tips. Though it took three months to complete, it was really informative.- 
Nataliya (Russia)
 I did Business English course at EMCAN Educational Institute. A very useful course in written and spoken communication. I learned many new things and I am happy.- 
Latha (India)
 My Arabic learning class at EMCAN was effective. As a beginner the course helped me to understand the basics of Arabic language. I love these people. 
Rajan (India)
 I enjoyed my IELTS academic test preparation classes at EMCAN Institute. Teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive especially the IELTS faculty. He is a very patient and understanding tutor who give proper advices and at time warns about your repeated mistakes. I secured band 7 easily. To be frank I got a homely atmosphere which helped me a lot. 
Farid (Iran)
 By attending English Intermediate course in Emcan, I could improve my English language. Now I am more confident to use English. I consider it as a good opportunity. 
Nithin ( India)
 I have attended IELTS preparation course in Emcan. The sessions were effective. 
Ahmed ( Egypt)
 The English intermediate class I attended was very helpful to improve my language skills. Now I’ve learned how to express myself. I would like to thank the teacher for his efforts. 
Ajith Kumar ( India)
 I studied English in Emcan Educational Institute and so happy about it. I hope I can continue next level here. 
Ahmed Zaki ( Egypt)
 I attended TOEFL preparation course in Emcan Educational Institute. It was such a good experience which increased my language knowledge a lot. I really enjoyed the sessions. Everything was fantastic! 
Rahil Zarei (Iran)
 I completed the basic accounting course with Tally ERP9 in EMCAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. The classes were very useful and the faculty was so good and patient enough to teach me the details. 
Nabeela (India)
 Me & my wife attended a 6 week arabic learning course from EMCAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. The course was for beginner. Iwas living & working in UAE since January 2008 and although living in an Arabic speaking county, I could not understand the basic words of Arabic. But after having the 6 week Arabic Beginner Course, I am able to speak to any local and can understand what they are saying. The teacher who taught us was Arabic native and she did her job very well. I would recommend non-arabic speakers to attend the Arabic Course from EMCAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. 
Kashif Ali (Pakistan)
Voboshynh Antastasio (Ukraine)
 Initially I joined EMCAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE to do Secretarial & Office management course. Even though I knew most of the areas covered in the course, except some advanced uses of MS Office, I never knew how to use my knowledge base practically. It was a good experience to know the other side of my knowledge and its usefulness. Now I am working in an office. Later I did Arabic language beginner course, which was highly helpful and now I am able to read, to write and to a certain level I can communicate in Arabic. The faculty was so patient to take pain to teach us non-Arab students till we communicate in Arabic. Now I’m thinking about doing the next level of Arabic language course 
Binitha P (India)
 I did IELTS preparation in Emcan and got band 7. The course was very effective and the faculty is really experienced. He knows how to support his students. 
Sneha Arun ( India)
 I have completed my SAT preparation at Emcan Institute Al Barsha. Very good institute. They have a lot of practice materials and good idea about how to dig the course out. Super trainers!! Cheers Emcan! I expect a very good result because I scored above 1400 in all my practice tests. 
Syed Ahmed (India)
 I completed two levels of English language course at Emcan Institute, Al Barsha. The trainers are very experienced. The courses added a lot of confidence. I am grateful to Emcan Institute. 
Victor (Philippines)
 I would like to thank you for giving me the best IELTS review materials and a strong motivational teacher (Madame Girija) at Emcan Institute Al Nahda Dubai. I got IELTS band score of 7.0 which exactly what I need. I spent only few hours from your review but still made it. For sure if I consumed all the hours you are offering it is not impossible for me to get IELTS band 9.0. I am really thankful and kudos for a great service! 
Cecil James Magtoto Buguis
 Thanks to Emcan Institute. I attended MS Office course with advanced Excel. The session was so useful and now I am able to do my duties more efficiently. I got promoted as production clerk. Thanks to the teacher and May GOD bless Emcan Institute. 
Grace Wachu Njeri (Kenya)
 Before applying for IELTS, I was a bit skeptical with regards to the tricky questions asked by the examiners. I browsed through a lot of websites with regards to getting information, however, nothing was of much use. So I started looking for a training institute and found EMCAN. I compared their rates with other institutes and found them as the most reasonable with regards to the fees. Joining EMCAN was the best decision I have made as they have taught me to overcome the tricky parts in IELTS. The course syllabus provided by them and their method of teaching has helped me overachieve my target band. I am really thankful to EMCAN especially to Mr. Pradeep for all the support and I would blindly recommend anyone taking IELTS to enrol with EMCAN. (I got Band 8) 
Floribiella Bacilillo (Filipino)
 I have done my IELTS preparation from Emcan. I am really excited and glad to share that I got a band score of 7.5. The teacher was really cooperative and supportive and gave me enough material to practice and focus on my weak areas. Thanks to Emcan once again! 
Mariya (Pakistan)
 I did my TOEFL ibt test preparation at Emcan Educational Institute Al Barsha Branch. The trainer is long experienced in test preparation and his method of training is excellent. Initially he seemed a bit forceful, but later I realized that he is right in his job. Reading and writing were real challenges for me. The trainer helped me to understand the concept and boosted my performance to next level. I scored 105. Thank you Emcan. 
Abdallah Rehman
 I have recently completed IELTS test preparation at Emcan Institute, Al Barsha and I have scored band 8. They are very friendly and helpful. Trainers are well experienced. Thank you Emcan. 
Vishnu (India)
 Before I decided to take my IELTS test, I was really looking for an institution where I can get utmost knowledge and support. I am blessed to find Emcan especially the instructor Ms. Mariam. She was very helpful and reliable.I learned a lot from Emcan institute’s teaching guideline and IELTS practice tests which enabled me to visualize the actual IELTS examination. Apart from that trainer was very supportive and patient to answer any queries even outside the scope of the module and her advice was very factual. Over all, I am so happy and thankful to Emcan Institute and recommend them to any one who is planning to take IELTS test preparation. 
Aira Suzuki

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