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English Language Courses

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English, as a global language, has its importance and is spoken widely.  EMCAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE understands how English language course is vital for your various roles such as student, parent, migrant, employee and job seeker. Our English language training classes  are designed to add something more to each of you with its flexible nature. EMCAN INSTITUTE’s English language trainers are well experienced in keeping the adaptability part of our course outline upright and provide English learners maximum advantage. We have spoken English training and English writing skill training sessions in all our branches in Dubai- Al Nahda-Al Qusais,Bur Dubai,& in Al Barsha.

Our English courses are categorized as under:

English Language course for Beginners

Emcan Educational Institute’s English beginner course is carefully shaped to helping our students in improving their language skills. Our focus is on your benefit out of the course and we add an extra element of sincerity from our side in order to make sure that your ambition is fulfilled, provided you have the willingness to take some effort. Our unique ways of assessment helps us to group our students effectively so that it is ensured that you are attended individually. We have two different levels in English beginner course. Below you can see an outline of what you get out of the two levels.


  • Tenses
  • Passive
  • Models, Imperatives, etc…
  • There is /are
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Questions
  • Pronouns and Possessives
  • ‘A’ and ‘The’
  • Prepositions
Student understands:

  • when someone speaks

  • basic questions and instructions

  • numbers, prices and time

  • essential information when others speak

  • the main points of conversation

  • the main points of TV / Radio news

Student learns:

  • self-introduction

  • simple questions

  • to collect information

  • to like and to dislike

  • instructions in public places

  • apologies and arguments

  • to describe past experiences

Student understands:

  • simple messages and emails

  • leaflets and brochures

  • computer program commands

  • instructions on equipment

  • information by skimming text

Student learns:

  • to write simple letters and emails

  • to fill in personal details

  • write short notes on everyday life

  • to connect simple sentences

  • to write chronological order of happenings with first, then etc.

  • to explain an event in simple sentences

English Language Intermediate Level

Emcan Educational Institute’s English intermediate course is designed  for developing all the four language skills to next upper level. There are two levels in English Intermediate course. The course material is carefully prepared with an aim to give maximum benefit to students and our approach is focused on improving  weak language skills. Continuous evaluation helps us to understand students’ progress and to give them proper guidance.  You can have a glance at the language skills you may acquire and content we provide in our two levels of English language Intermediate course below.


  • Tenses
  • Present Perfect and Past
  • Modals
  • If and Wish
  • Passive
  • Reported Speech
  • Questions and Auxiliary verbs
  • …ing and Infinitive
  • Articles and Nouns
  • Pronouns and Determiners
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Relative Clauses
  • Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Phrasal Verbs
Student understands:

  • to guess what comes next

  • to follow the main points of conversations/discussions

  • news bulletins

  • Conversations in a noisy place

  • TV programs and films

  • to make sure of the facts

Student learns:

  • to Start, Maintain and close conversation

  • to ask for details

  • to give or seek personal opinion

  • to summarize extract from a news

  • to link ideas logically

  • to speculate about causes and consequences

Student understands:

  • the main points in news articles

  • to guess the meaning from the context

  • techniques like skimming and scanning to get information from a text

  • the plot of structured story

  • main points of an article and writers point of view

Student learns:

  • to express feelings, views and opinion

  • to write personal letters and emails

  • to write about self in summary form

  • to write short reviews of film, book or other articles

  • to write using connectors, linkers etc.

English Language Advanced Level

English language course advanced is for students who have already acquired high level but want to improve their language skills and range of vocabulary. Emcan Educational Institute’s English Advanced course  focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We help you to review your language and communicate with added confidence. There are two levels in our English Advanced course.  Below you can have a glimpse of what you get out of this course:


  • Tenses : reviews,  comparisons and more usages
  • Modals and semi-modals
  • Linking verbs and clauses
  • Passive, active and reporting
  • Prepositions
  • Nouns, Articles, quantifiers and determiners
  • Pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions

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Student understands:

  • idiomatic expressions, slang and colloquialism

  • irony and satirical conversations

  • technical information which is complex

  • English spoken with native speed.

Student learns:

  • to express opinion and ideas precisely

  • to give explanations concisely and to the point

  • to give presentations

  • to speak with grammatical accuracy and with consistency

  • to take part in conversation with native speakers

Student understands:

  • understand complex write ups and reports

  • contemporary literary texts

  • ironic and satirical texts

  • text with idiomatic expressions and indirect

  • metaphors, puns, connotations

Student learns:

  • to write structured and readable reports and reviews

  • to use a wide range of vocabulary

  • to write grammatically correct texts

  • to write essays developed on main and supporting points